Shot date2007:08:16
CameraCanon EOS 400D DIGITAL
Exposure time1/80 s
F-Numberf / 45.0
Focal length17/1 mm (27.2 mm)
Optical zoom1x
ISO speed400
Exposure program Program
Metering modeMulti-segment
Exposure modeEvaluative metering
Download size1680 x 1050
Post Process: Levels, Saturation, Curves, NoiseNinja



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5. Angelo
01.10.2012 19:58
(Electronics) I bought my EOS 30D in May 2006 and very few days have psased without it being used. What can I say about this amazing camera? Firstly, it is a joy to hold, feeling like it was designed specifically for my not very large hands. (I bought the 17-85mm IS lens with the camera and it has proved to be an excellent marriage.) Secondly, the controls allow you to either do it the easy way, full auto, or to become more and more creative by using the maual controls. With the autofocus system, taking pictures is so easy, almost too easy. My last SLR was a Canon FTb with full manual everything, from exposure to focussing which meant many a lost picture, and then you had to wait for the developed film to come back before you knew whether or not the pictures you took were good or not. Now, with the ability to see the picture moments after pressing the shutter = wow! I won't bore you with the technical side or the jargon, suffice to say that this is one hell of a camera. I thought I had left my enthusiastic days of snapping in the past with my dark room, chemicals and hours of developing and printing, but now my enthusiasm is back with avengence nothing is safe anymore, no tree, flower, bird, friend or indeed sunset will ever be ignored again. If you want to awaken your inner creative genius, then this baby's for you. Buy it, it might change your life forever is has mine.

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